If you’d like to help out the Holdsworth Restoration Trust financially, you could make a one-off or regular donation, adopt a trap or leave a bequest.

You can make a donation through our Give a Little page.

Sponsor a “CHIRP”

A “Chirp” cap replaces the standard cap on the goodnature traps we use. The cap electronically records the date and time each trap “fires”. When we next visit the trap, maybe to service it, we can download the data via Bluetooth.

We can then send you an email to inform you how frequently the trap has “fired”. It is unlikely we will be able to say just what was killed. $65.00 (NZD) will buy a “Chirp” with lure and gas for a year.

You can sponser a chirp for a year by transferring $65.00 NZD to our bank account. Please use Chirp as a reference:

02 0688 0236248 000

Please email with your details so that we can send a receipt and keep in touch.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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